What do you do when you are good at something but not good enough?

What is "good enough"?  What is the advantage of being among the best?  If you truly love the field, whatever it is, you will have the intrinsic motivation to become better at it by practice, even if you never succeed.  If the motivation is external (good pay, for example), there is often little advantage to being among the "best", if you don't love whatever it is.  The increment of effort to gain the last X% of skill costs far more than it does to gain the first X% (law of diminishing returns), so you need to be incredibly highly talented and very well motivated to be the "best" at something.  Take a look at the bio of any sports superstar – almost without fail, their story is one of single-minded dedication to becoming the best at their sport, and staying there.  The pay difference is rarely aligned with the extra effort, unless you're a natural.

If you have the motivation and the natural skill, and you're dedicating your entire life to becoming the best, and it's still not happening, then I would go with either of the other answers.  If that doesn't help, then maybe it's just not your thing…

What do you do when you are good at something but not good enough?

About Tamara Wiens

Optimistic realist, quester, parent to 4 amazing children, casual on-line gamer, reader, runner, wannabe polymath, frustrated philosopher, successful sophist!
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