Apology – courageous or weak?

The article on Forbes magazine’s web site (http://www.forbes.com/sites/erikaandersen/2012/06/05/courageous-leaders-dont-make-excuses-they-apologize/) is so very true. In the military, I was taught “Don’t apologize, it’s a sign of weakness” – but I always found it harder to apologize than not, so I ignored that BS. I have to confess that I know almost no one that is willing to admit their fault, and even when they do “apologize”, it’s usually “I’m sorry that you…” One of my favourites for avoiding responsibility is the guy that constantly takes credit for good things that he doesn’t have anything to do with – you can tell where he stands on apologizing!

Do you see anyone apologizing genuinely? What do you think of leaders who do, or don’t, apologize?

About Tamara Wiens

Optimistic realist, quester, parent to 4 amazing children, casual on-line gamer, reader, runner, wannabe polymath, frustrated philosopher, successful sophist!
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